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    Global Patient-centered Care Market Drivers, Restraints, Potential Growth Opportunities, Product Size, Application Estimation, Vendor Competitive Landscape, Trends and Forecast 2018-2025

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    Market Overview of the Global Patient-Centered Care Market

    The Patient-centered care market size across the globe is anticipated to register at a healthy CAGR of xx% over the period 2018-2025. Some of the key factors propelling the Patient-centered care market are coordination & integration of care, physical comfort, access to care as well as continuity & transition. Moreover, there is a seismic shift in thinking process empowering patients to take an active part in their care plan across the globe.

    Patient-centered care has been an idea of rising interests in medicine since past few decades and has also been regarded as an archetype for high-quality personal care. Also, the Institute of Medicine offered an action plan for enlightening people’s health all across the globe that involved some key components, including “patient-centeredness,” somewhere in 2001. Moreover, patient-centeredness approach mostly comprises of physicians diagnosis over the discussion held with patient’s as well as an individual’s perspective in addition to the concerns, ideas & expectations about the disease. Besides while discussing with patients about the diseases, physician also inquire about their family, social network, job profile and interests in order to reach at the root cause of disease and suggest them with an appropriate management plan.

    According to a research conducted by a renowned institute UC Davis Health System, physicians who are involved in personalized consultations with patients, inspiring them for taking an active step towards their health care will help in reducing medical costs and need for various health-care services. This would enable gaining the confidence of patients that together with the help of a physician could reach correct diagnosis and strategy towards it. As said by a family practicing physician Klea Bertakis plus a study co-author Rahman Azari, a UC Davis professor of statistics “Patient- centered care can enable the reduction of unnecessary and cost-effective tests conducted by the specialists, bolstering the growth of the global patient-centered care industry.

     As analyzed by Bertakis, principal investigator of the study as well as professor and chair person of the UC Davis Department of Family & Community Medicine, “Patient-centered care has already been recognized by the Institute of Medicines as one of the strategic activities supporting our nation’s health,” His study further states that involving patients in more than one treatment at a time is not ethical as well as involves a lot of cost.

    Significances of Patient-Centered Care Market

    The principal goal as well as benefit of patient-centered care market is to make certain advancements in the direction of an individual’s as well as populations health outcomes. Moreover, this not only benefit the patients, but also providers & health care industries get benefitted.

    Listing some of the benefits of Patient-Centered Care Market

    • Enhanced satisfaction scores among the patients as well as their families.
    • Improved reputation of the service providers among health care consumers across the globe.
    • Healthier productivity as well as confidence among clinicians & ancillary staff.
    • Better-quality resource allocation.
    • Lesser expenses with increased financial margins all through the continuum of patient-centered Care.



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